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Latest Updates As At  Tuesday, May 21st 2024 updated, Register to receive the price list and book showflat appointment when ready!

Watten House: A Luxurious Blend of History and Modernity in Bukit Timah

“Watten House”, the exciting new development on the grounds of the former “Watten Estate”, promises residents an immersive living experience steeped in rich heritage, luxurious living, and convenient connectivity. Situated within Bukit Timah’s exclusive neighborhood, Watten House will combine history and modernity to offer residents an enviable lifestyle experience.

Bukit Timah can trace its rich history back to Singapore’s colonial period, when the area was covered with dense forest and home to numerous industrial sites forming part of Singapore’s cultural heritage. Today, this rich past adds both character and pride to an exclusive district such as Bukit Timah which has now transformed into an vibrant, sophisticated area known for its luxury residences such as Good Class Bungalows.

Bukit Timah takes its name, originally “Bukit Temak”, from its forest-covered origins and in part due to British interest during the 18th Century; during which time they constructed a long road across it that opened up opportunities for development while cementing Singapore as an essential trading post.

Bukit Timah managed to remain ecologically diverse despite facing threats like illegal logging and granite quarrying, thanks to its resilient ecosystem. Even during World War II when it fell under Japanese control, its unique charm was preserved. As Singapore rebuilt itself after World War II, Bukit Timah transitioned into an urban neighbourhood while maintaining its historical roots.

Today, Bukit Timah stands as a testament to Singapore’s remarkable transformation. Reminders of its heritage buildings and local landmarks such as Adam Food Centre and St Joseph’s Church can still be found within its confines; each offering an insight into this neighbourhood’s journey over time.

Watten House residents will not only experience its rich past but also reap its many modern amenities and conveniences. Boasting of Bukit Timah’s vibrant history and Watten House’s promising future, residents can look forward to an unparalleled living experience that blends past with present and future.